From Excel to R


Simisani Ndaba


August 6, 2022

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Why would you use R over Excel?
R and Excel are beneficial in different ways. Excel starts off easier to learn and is frequently cited as the go-to program for reporting, thanks to its speed and efficiency. R is designed to handle larger data sets, to be reproducible, and to create more detailed visualizations.
We can find out more from our speaker Yanina Bellini Saibene.

About the Speaker

Our speaker Yanina Bellini Saibene is part of the R-Ladies Global team, is part of R-Ladies Santa Rosa chapter in La Pampa, Argentina and is the founder of LatinR_conf, Latin American Conference on the Use of R in Research + Development. She is also part of the Research team in the National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA)

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Excel to R

The meetup was awareness session for Yanina Belline Saibene and Pao Corrales Research Software Camp:Beyond the Spreadsheet workshop. This course is intended for people who use spreadsheets for data manipulation and analysis but would like to learn how to work with R and have never programmed.




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