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The Carpentries Software Carpentry curriculum provides R resources for not only teaching but for learning too.

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Simisani Ndaba


June 17, 2023

Meetup Description

This was the 1st collaboration session for R-Ladies Gaborone in 2023 with R-Ladies Rabat, Talarify, Research Software and Systems Engineers Africa (RSSE Africa) and R-Ladies Abuja to try and reach as many communities as possible with this session. This meetup explored the various resources to begin your journey with R using Software Carpentry curriculum. Although Angelique had a cold ???? before the session, she was kind enough to continue her talk because of the commitment she made ????.

Meetup Collaboration Contributors

R-Ladies Rabat

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R-Ladies Rabat on Meetup

Research Software Engineers and Research Systems Engineers

RSSE Africa official website |

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The African Carpentries community call occurs the last Thursday of every the month. The sessions cover, workshops, announcements and talks from community members from Africa within Data Science. The Carpentries in Africa can also be found through regions in South Africa.

The Carpentries Workshop has also been conducted at the University of Botswana. You can read the details here Botswana Software Carpentry

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