R Packages for Data Cleaning


Simisani Ndaba


January 25, 2022

Meetup Description

R-Ladies Brisbane hosted an event for R-Ladies Gaborone on the introduction to R packages for data cleaning, such as Naniar, Janitor, StringR and more with Simisani Ndaba as speaker. The meetup was a beginner friendly session with a second half detailed demonstartion. This was the first R Ladies collaboration for R - Ladies Gaborone. Paula Andrea Martinez was the R -Ladies Brisbane led organiser at the time and helped with the presentation arrangements. She is also a The Carpentries instructor which assisted with the structure of the presentation.

R Packages for Data Cleaning

The R Data Cleaning packages used in the session are Janitor, Naniar, Amelia, Multiple imputation (as a missing values option), Data Wizard and Data Table for getting data prepared for analysis.

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