An introduction to neuroinformatics


Simisani Ndaba


May 13, 2022

Meetup Description

The goal of brain imaging is to provide in-vivo measures of the human brain to better understand how the brain is structured, connected and functions. In this talk, we will discuss how to analyze brain imaging data in order to make sense of the large amount of data that comes out of the scanner.

This is the only session with the analysis all conducted with Python programming.

An Introduction to Neuroinformatics

Neuroinformatics is a research field devoted to the development of neuroscience data and knowledge bases together with computational models and analytical tools for sharing, integration, and analysis of experimental data and advancement of theories about the nervous system function.

Neuromatics Techniques




Another information to look at is the structural Connectivity within the brain. The connectivity in the Brain can be compared as a street map. The road map allows us to see the pathways within the Brain.

With over 2,500 views on YouTube, this meetup session is the most popular R-Ladies Gaborone session with active participation during the meetup. The figure shows the comments on YouTube.

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